Sunday, May 6, 2012

Education Bound

The times we live in today are known as the times of our lives.  Now, with all that is going on in today's world we must first ask ourself one important question: Will we rise to the calls of those in need?  Well I can personally testify that those in need are those who are needy.  Let me elaborate.
Those who are in need are those who are needy.  This statement alone makes sense as it stands.  Coming from a human perspective it may seem a little odd as the needy ones are the ones who have and want everything.  The true definition of "needy" comes from those in need.  The point I am trying to make here is that maybe the ones who have everything and want everything have always been the ones in need of everything.  For without everything, we have nothing.  Thus the ones who are needy, or the ones who have everything, would be nothing without everything. 
Do you see how simple you can turn nothing into something?  This was a good example of something good coming out of Nazareth.  Or in other words, "something coming from nothing".

Thank you.

The Hero of Time


Little is known of the hero we call the one to be destined as the time manipulator.  All that is known can be attained from the hero himself.  All that is known is attained from ancient records. 
Even less is known about our hero's ordinary life.  Aside from catching chickens and returning them to their owner in return for a prize, our young and sometimes old hero has been known to mingle with the princess.  His whole purpose is to be with her and someday abide in his small but comfy tree house with her as a family. 
Will she give him the love he needs?  I think it is safe to say that being alive today our roots come from that of the hero of time and his beloved princess.  With his sword/monster slaying skills and courage he is destined to be the one for her. 
Little does our hero know his princess is about to be in a lot bigger trouble than he ever sought out for repairing.  The evil monster of time has captured her for the power of wisdom in order to lure our Hero in for his courageous power. 
Will our Hero save his princess?
Who exactly has captured the wisdom bound princess?
Will our Hero rise to this courageous call and slay the beast of all beasts?

Friday, May 4, 2012

#11 Extra Blog Post

Imagine your perfect setting.  Mine is high in the mountains of Asia where the clouds envelop me and sunlight is a special occasion.  Waterfalls surround me and greenery is a must.  Sound is an element of much peace in these parts.  Nothing unwanted is allowed.  A mile down the road is a beautiful forest where there is nothing but bright gray light.  The clouds are on my side.  They let no sunlight in to diminish the mood.  Everything is perfect.  Not a worry in the world.  Rivers filled with fish.  Clean water to drink.  A beautiful wife to spend eternity with.
This is how it should be....

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Yo Dis Some Dialogue

"What it is girl?  What's up?  Can a brother get a nickel for some gum?"
"Gimme dat numba, and I'll call.  And I'll follow you're stench in the gym"
"Okay Tony I'm getting freaked out now can you stop?"
"I'm going to kill you first, and then eat you"
(Worrying) "Let me out of the car now, please"
"I'm going to kill you.  You told me to stop being so angry and I'M NOT EVEN ANGRY!!!!!!"
"John look at yourself you are very angry and you need help"
"My name's .... NOT .... RIIIIIIIIIIICK"
"I'm really scared now and don't know where to turn"
"Well that's because you're atheist"
"I'm atheist because there is no God"
"I KNOW there is no God"
"Well I KNOW how to make you believe"
"What, kill me?"
"No like this...."
(holding a gun to her face and cocking it back) she screams, "OH GOD PLEASE HELP ME"

#10 extra blog post (SUCK THAT AKON)

But another late post by none other than Mr. Biggums (AKA) Biggum Chokee.
"Alright people I'm coming to you live from Alpine, UT.  The heart and soul of my own ass."
"Biggums why don't you let the people in on a little secret."
"Of course... What I sound like is what I taste like."
"You heard it here first people.  This is Biggum Chokee coming at you once again from Alpine, UT."

Anyways I get really hyper sometimes.  Life....  Let me tell you what life is all about.  It's about being a beast.  Getting beaten and burnt and sliced and watching murders go down.  Now you take all of this and you wipe it off your clean cut and freshly tailored new suit and say, "pshh, whatever".

That's what life is all about right there.  Nothing else is important.  It's about murdering and slicing.  Whether that be murdering a freshly sliced pizza or a grocery store full of melon.

I got a watch today.  It's pretty sexy.  I'm pretty much pimpin what can I say?  Getting paid.

Couple weeks ago I got a speeding ticket.  I was going 102 in a 75 zone.


Blog #9 Extra

I know I am late on this one.  And I plead for mercy on my grade.  Alright look I went through a three or four week depressive state.  Have mercy on my soul and help me out with my grades.  It's my final year of school and I already finished all my credits.  My dad made me keep all my classes.  That would depress anyone. 
But I have been thinking about making it up to Mr. Nelson by doing something nice for him. 
Lately what has been on my mind is simply this.... GOooGOogOGoGOGogoGOOgoGOogoOgoO... So aside from that I am really interested in my education lately.  If I could I would only come to creative writing.  I love to read and write.  Two things that I find very fun.  I just want my knowledge of the world and my beliefs to increase.  It makes for good conversation at 2:00 AM.  I love education but I have never been a fan of wasting my time in school.  The only classes I have ever really learned something from is math and English.  Everything else, like psychology and sociology were all the types of classes I just could care less about.  Anyone with a brain is going to grow and learn how life is for themselves.  Who cares why people do things?  Last time I went to a psychologist he tried telling me what was wrong by the way I was sitting down in the chair.
I was drinking some tea the other day and I noticed my pinky was up in the air.... Subconsciously

Monday, April 30, 2012

Favorite Film (Poetry Films)

My favorite film by far was the cartoon one of the cactus that won the "WTF" award from period A2.  That was pretty funny.
But seriously I loved all the films.  It was great to get out there and use our imaginations.  We had to commit a couple of crimes on the way but that's nothing new to this guy.  Ours was pretty cool because we had a good video editor doing our work.  My favorite serious film was Roah's and Tim's.  They are pretty good artists.  Although they bag on any music they don't like I still love them.  And now I'm going off on a whole different tangent.
The films were great.  I think each class should do them every year from now on.  I have a lot of friends in our class but I know how it feels to have no friends in the class and have to do a group project.  It can suck.  So a suggestion I would make is to maybe have a side project kids can do instead of making a movie.  Just in case they feel uncomfortable filming or just plain uncomfortable with working with people.  Just a suggestion though.  Anyways my favorite part of the entire film festival was just the freedom we had to make our films.  Also I like how it was presented.  Mr. Nelson did a great job hyping it up and it made it that much more funny and interesting.